Dosh Review for 2022: Is It a Legitimate App?

Using a rewards application or a loyalty program is more common than ever. Loyalty programs are becoming more popular among consumers, according to a report from the retail industry newsletter Retail TouchPoints. We all want to save money and get freebies, so loyalty programs are a great way to achieve both objectives.

Thanks to Dosh, a rewards app, things are about to become much more enjoyable. If you’re exhausted from losing out on bargains and want to effortlessly earn cashback incentives for shopping at thousands of merchants, Dosh is essential software for your smartphone.

What is Dosh?

Dosh is a cashback application that works in partnership with local businesses and hotels to provide you with a chance to earn money back on the shopping that you currently do regularly. 

They work with high-profile shops like Sam’s Club, Sephora, and many more to bring you the best deals. Additionally, Dosh provides cashback from tens of thousands of hotels around the nation and worldwide.

There is no need to activate any of the offers to begin earning cash back with Dosh. You only need to connect all your eligible credit cards and then go about your life as usual.

How to start using Dosh?

To begin using Dosh, you must download the application available on Google Play for Android and App Store for iOS. You may obtain the app on any platform. After there, using Dosh is as simple as linking your credit and debit cards, browsing the deals, and going shopping.

How does Dosh work?

Dosh’s main selling point is that it’s fully automated. As a result, you don’t have to keep track of coupon codes or save your receipts and submit them afterward.

For Dosh to monitor your purchases, you link your bank cards. Whenever you make a purchase that is qualified for cash back, Dosh will scan it and credit your Dosh wallet immediately.

  • Shop locally or online

Using Dosh couldn’t be simpler after you’ve linked your credit and debit cards to the site. You can use the app to check which local stores provide additional cash back.

Dosh is unlike other card-linked incentive programs in that it does not need you to actively participate in cashback offers to qualify for the bonus. Shop as usual at your favorite places, and you’ll earn cash back on any eligible purchase.

Additionally, Dosh regularly gives cashback for internet purchases in contrast to rewarding transactions made at brick-and-mortar retailers. The Dosh app typically requires you to go directly to your favorite online retailer to get cash back.

Make hotel reservations

Dosh has a lot of great cashback deals, but the true gold mine is in hotel bookings. Dosh may help you save up to 40% of the expense of your next hotel stay.

If you’re prepared to do some research, you can get a terrific price on a reward rate. You may search for hotels based on their popularity or enter your chosen trip dates and destinations like on any other booking website.

Dosh will provide the amount per night, the total money you are eligible to receive, and any booking incentives offered on each listing. For a more granular search, you may sort by room price instead of cashback %, which is the default setting.

  • Refer your friends

Within seconds of completing your registration on the Dosh App, your referral code will appear in a pop-up on your dashboard. Once you have it, you may share it with loved ones. As long as a receiver clicks through and connects his or her digital wallet, you’ll get a $5 referral bonus.

  • Redeem your reward points

The exact amount of cash back you’ve accrued will be shown in your Dosh account as you rack up transactions. You’ll be able to view the entire amount of money you have in your account and the purchases that have gotten you there.

You must have a minimum of $25 in your Dosh account to be able to redeem your cashback. You may transfer rewards by linking your Venmo, PayPal, or bank details.

How much can you save using Dosh?

Your savings potential with Dosh depends on how often you shop. It also varies on the merchant, although most provide a cashback rate between 2% and 3%. You may get as much as 10% to 15% off your purchase at some stores. On the other hand, some stores will only give you 1.5% cashback.

Pros and Cons

Here are some Pros and Cons of Dosh


  • Your everyday purchases will earn you cash back.
  • Many well-known brands are among Dosh’s many partners.
  • Sign Up Bonus.
  • You will get discounts of up to forty percent on hotel stays and an immediate twenty dollars in cash back.
  • Make a withdrawal to your bank account or one of the many popular providers for digital wallets.


  • You must use the Dosh smartphone application to sign up and control your account. It is impossible to utilize Dosh on a PC using a web browser.
  • If you want to earn rewards, you have to use the linked bank card.
  • A fee for the upkeep of inactive accounts is charged.
  • The only place you can get it is in the USA.
  • All cards cannot be linked at the same time.
  • Only Available in the US.

Final Review of Dosh

Dosh is a great option for anybody who enjoys getting free money and expects to make automated cashback incentives when they buy, eat out, and book hotels for vacations or businesses. This is the best rewards app choice for you and your regular purchases if you usually make payments with a credit card rather than cash.


Is Dosh a legitimate company?

No one should be concerned about using Dosh since it is legal and safe. It’s not a rip-off, and you’ll never have to promote someone to the app to make money from it. You don’t have to do anything special to take advantage of the referral program; all you have to do is attach your credit card and go on with your daily routine.

Is Dosh Secure?

The website for Dosh claims that it employs security on par with banks.

This business takes the safety of your information very seriously, and they go to great lengths to ensure that any information you provide them is kept private.

Does Dosh Work Internationally?

Dosh is not currently available in any country other than the United States.

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