BillTrim Review. Is BillTrim still Helpful?

Bills. Don’t you have to accept them as a part of life? Even if you can’t avoid paying your bills, you can perhaps definitely find methods to reduce your monthly expenses and save a significant amount of money. 

Specific rules just cannot be changed. It’s also possible to save money by negotiating utility bills and other monthly costs. Identify your current monthly fees and decide which tactics or bill negotiating services you will utilize to save money. That’s where BillTrim comes into play and we want to know is BillTrim still helpful.

What is BillTrim?

BillTrim is an internet-based company that helps customers lower their monthly expenses by negotiating better deals with their high-priced telecommunications, cable television, internet access, power, home security, and insurance providers. 

They have a staff of skilled negotiators that put in a lot of effort, as well as a customer service team that is dedicated to assisting you in making progress toward the savings targets you have set for yourself. 

BillTrim’s clients save an average of more than one thousand dollars in their first year using the service and gain a more stable financial footing. 

How to start using BillTrim?

BillTrim’s sign-up procedure is quite basic and straightforward. Head to their web page and click on the Get Started button to begin the registration process.

After that, you will be asked to enter your name, email address, and phone number, and a representative from their customer care will get in contact with you as soon as possible. 

Using BillTrim, you can reduce your bills 95% of the time. They will compare your invoices to get you the best possible pricing.

How does BillTrim Work?

The workflow of BillTrim is straightforward. After sign-up, Connect your daily expenses, such as your cellular phone, internet, cable, and electricity bills, and choose the appropriate service provider. 

BillTrim robust machine learning algorithm will get your invoices from the relevant service provider and show them on the dashboard associated with your profile.

They will also provide you with an estimate of the savings they will be able to secure for you immediately. You’ll be allocated an expert negotiator after the first onboarding process. He will have all the information about the deals offered by your provider and its rivals and the prices other customers pay for the same service and provider.

After some hours, you will get an email detailing the total amount of money BillTrim managed to save you, the deadline when the reduced rate will take effect, the amount of money you’ll get each month, how much you owe BillTrim, and the delivery date about your first payment to BillTrim

Individuals and corporations alike are welcome to use the negotiating service. Logging in to the site allows you to see the current state of the negotiations at any moment.

How much can you save using BillTrim?

BillTrim estimates that their typical customer saves $1,000+ annually by sharing their bills to bargain. They have a 95 percent success rate, which is a lot of money you can save by just bargaining with your providers. 

BillTrim charges a commission of 25 percent of the savings they make for you over a calendar year. 

For example, if they save you $100 a month for a year, your service charge would be $300, which is $25 for each month (25*12=$300). If they fail to reduce your utility costs, there is no fee.

Pros and Cons:

Here are some Pros and Cons of BillTrim:


  • Easy to Use:
  • Their Website has a clean and simple interface and straightforward sign-up process, making it very easy to use.
  • Saves a lot of Time and Money:
  • Their expert team will negotiate with your providers on your behalf and analyze every aspect to help you save valuable time and money.
  • Good Customer Support:
  • Their customer support behavior with clients is outstanding.
  • Trustworthy:
  • They are trustworthy and have 4.9-star ratings with over 1600 reviews on Trustpilot.


  • Not Available World Wide:
  • BillTrim is only available for US residents as of now.
  • No Mobile App:
  • They do not have a mobile app available for their customers.

Final Review about BillTrim

BillTrim is the most satisfactory accessible negotiating service because of its greater negotiation success rate and low service fee of 25%. The ability to save money and time is an added benefit that we all can benefit from.

You can use text messages can be used to communicate with your negotiator. In addition to your credit card number, they may want your 4-digit PIN. The most significant thing is that they will start saving you money after integrating your bills within the next twenty-four hours.

Try BillTrim for yourself. They can save you hundreds of dollars with no further work required on your part.


Is BillTrim a safe and secure platform?

Yes, absolutely! They take the security of your account information very seriously. When you sign in, your information is protected by 256-bit SSL encryption, secured databases, and two-factor authentication.

Why do they need your credit card?

Having a credit or debit card on file, just as with other services such as Netflix, guarantees that the company will be rewarded for their work in reducing your rates. A description of savings and a verification security code from your operator will be sent to you by their support team, ensuring your satisfaction with their service.

Do I need to change providers or features?

BillTrim wants to save you money without making any changes to your service. Your Savings Expert will review your bill to make sure you’re on the proper plan. Suppose they spot a possibility for savings with a new program. In that case, they will inform you about the possible savings and make adjustments with your approval.

Is BillTrim free?

No, BillTrim will charge you a 25% service fee if they save you money on your bills over a year. They would not charge you anything if they failed to save you money.

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