BillShark Review for 2022: How to Lower your Bills by Negotiating?

Bills. You can’t help but acknowledge that they’re a fact of life, can you? Even if you cannot escape paying your bills, you may certainly locate ways to lower your monthly spending and save a considerable amount.

Certain regulations just cannot be altered in any way. Find out how much you spend each month on expenses, and then determine which money-saving strategies or bill-negotiating services you will use. To help with this, we’ve got BillShark.

What is BillShark?

BillShark is a business that helps consumers reduce the amount of money they spend on their monthly bills by negotiating and terminating their various payments.

It was founded in 2015 by businessman Steve McKean and promises to be 90 percent successful in helping its clients negotiate their monthly rates for subscription services, including cable television, cellular phone, satellite TV/radio, and the Internet. 

Since the company’s inception, BillShark has helped its customers save more than ten million dollars.

It is supported by investor Mark Cuban and has been covered in the CBS News, The Washington Post, U.S. News, and The Wall Street Journal & World Report. In addition, the Better Business Bureau has granted it an A+ rating and recognized it.

How to start using BillShark?

Follow these simple steps to get started with BILLSHARK.

Open the BillShark website and Click on the button “Lower My Bills. Enter your email address to open a new account, and then choose a password. You also have the option to sign in using your Google or Facebook accounts, respectively. 

Choose the sort of service on which you want to save money, e.g., Internet, Wireless, Home Security, or other subscription-based services included on the list. Then, from the provided list, choose your preferred service provider.

You may submit your bills to BillShark for processing in two ways. You have the option of doing so through its safe website or mobile app.

Your bill must be submitted as a JPEG, PDF, GIF, or PNG file type in this instance. 

You’ll be asked for extra information after the conclusion of the procedure (your complete name, cell phone number, and your Social Security Number’s last four digits). You may also provide any further instructions.

The last step is to choose “Save Now” from the drop-down menu and then leave the remaining money-saving work to BillShark.

How does BillShark work?

After signing up for an account with BillShark, you need to install their smartphone app, take a picture of your bill and submit it to BillShark to start saving. 

You’ll also have to fill out some personal information. What portions of your bill would BillShark be willing to negotiate on? You’ll be asked for the PIN for your bill account in certain cases. Once all the details have been settled, you must remember to update the PIN.

As soon as BillShark obtains the necessary resources, negotiations will commence. Your bill savings will be highlighted in an email, or you will receive a phone call from BillShark after a successful negotiation. You’ll also receive a breakdown of where you saved dollars on your bill. After that, a BillShark receipt will be sent to you.

How much can you save using BillShark?

It’s vital to remember that although BillShark saves customers an average of hundreds of dollars every month, every consumer and bill is unique.

BillShark can help you determine whether you’re spending the best possible price for your chosen service or if they can cut your bill!

Pros and Cons


  • Conveniently saves you time by negotiating subscription-based invoices on your behalf
  • Customers have historically saved between $300 and $500 on average.
  • If it does not save you money, there is no price.
  • They keep you informed and engaged during the negotiating process by sending you regular updates.
  • They have a reward system.
  • They also have a smartphone app.


  • If it saves you money, the charges are expensive.
  • Savings can’t be turned down or rejected.
  • Available only in the United States and Canada.
  • Can’t get credit cards, insurance, or utility bills lower.
  • You’ll need to sign up for an account to view any estimated savings or other benefits.

Final Review about BillShark

BillShark is an example of a cost-saving platform. Isn’t it the finest part? It’s entirely BillShark’s job to make things happen.

Once you’ve signed up, the magic begins. Negotiations are handled by ‘sharks,’ who are highly driven to find hidden expenses and transform them into savings on your side. For every dollar they save for you in a year, they’ll charge you 40% of that amount.

However, if they cannot reach an agreement, you will not be required to make any payments. Their service cost is slightly higher than on other comparable platforms, but they have impressive numbers.

They have a phenomenal 90% success rate, which translates to an annual savings average of 512$ per person. We can’t deny that it can save you a lot of money.

Before deciding to use it, you should, just like with any other kind of financial service, carefully analyze all of the benefits and drawbacks associated with it.


Do they have any hidden fees?

Nope. BillShark doesn’t have any hidden charges. If no savings can be made, there is no cost to you! There’s no risk, just gain!

How much do they cost?

The costs charged by BillShark are a flat forty percent of your overall savings, with a two-year time limit on the service. After BillShark has completed your negotiations, you should expect to get an invoice within a few days. Installment payment options are also available from this company.

Do they provide services for businesses?

Yes! This company has an entire department devoted to negotiating business costs!

What is the “reward” program at BillShark?

When a new client makes a legitimate service request, they will get a “Choose Your Reward” ticket, which may be redeemed for various eating, grocery, travel, or shopping options. You may redeem it by following the email instructions!

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