AskTrim Review 2022: Lower Your Bills and Save Money

Are you surprised every month by the charges you get in the mail? Paying excessive credit card interest rates has been frustrating for many people. You’d want to get away with reoccurring bills but don’t have the time to do so.

AskTrim, also known as the Trim app, can be a good option for you in such a case. Trim app features, advantages, drawbacks, and how much money you can save using the app. The most important word here will be – save. Read in detail about the Trim app in our “AskTrim Review” today.

What is AksTrim?

Trim is an advanced AI assistant designed to help you better your financial situation. It can negotiate your invoices to save you hundreds of dollars. It will notify you whenever you overspend and monitor all your regular subscriptions so you can remove the ones you forget you had. It is constantly developing and learning new skills.

We will help you to decide whether AskTrim is a good investment of your time and if AskTrim is worth trying

How to use the AksTrim App?

It is very simple, easy, and straightforward to start using Trim. Head to their website by clicking here and tapping on the sign-up button. You can also sign-up for the Trim app using your Facebook or Google account. Connect your messenger account with AskTrim after signing up to talk with Trim using Facebook messenger. 

Lastly, connect your bank account with AskTrim to start saving. After completing the process, you’ll be brought to the Trim dashboard, which contains several money-saving options.

How does AskTrim work?

AskTrim’s safe integration with 15,000 banking firms allows it to easily gather credit card or banking information. This represents around 98 percent of the credit and debt market.

Let’s take a look at how the money-saving features of AskTrim work.

Subscription Tracking

Suppose you have a large number of reoccurring subscriptions. In that case, it might be difficult to track them all, decide which ones you no longer need, and determine what to do to cancel them.

AskTrim, on the other hand, can take care of everything.

AskTrim will go back over the previous 90 days of your transaction history to identify all of your subscriptions once you’ve completed the sign-up procedure. Subscription cancellations may be done by emailing them a list of all unwanted current subscriptions you want to remove.

Bill Negotiations

You will first need to determine whether or not your cable or internet provider is supported by AskTrim to utilize the bill negotiating tool. AskTrim can only bargain with a certain number of organizations at this time. Still, they are working to increase that number.

If your provider is listed, you can link your account with AskTrim, and it will immediately begin working for you. Suppose AskTrim can reduce the amount you pay for your utility bill. In that case, they will deduct 15 percent of the total yearly savings during its first year.

AskTrim takes the stress out of negotiating with businesses and allows you to keep the money you saved.

Simple Savings

Another service that deserves to be brought up is Simple Savings. This digital high-yield savings plan allows you to automate your contributions.

This is it if you’re looking for an easy method to save money and earn interest.

Debt PayOff

Debt Payoff is a wonderful thing to hear about if you want to get out of debt.

Additionally, AskTrim can minimize your interest rates on your credit card accounts by providing you with professional assistance and a debt repayment plan.

How much can you save using AskTrim?

You can save thousands of dollars yearly using AskTrim if the interest rate on your credit card is high and you are paying several monthly subscription fees, medical or credit card debt, and overdraft fees from your bank.

However, your results may vary depending on your financial circumstances and chosen service providers. For a free service, there is a lot of opportunity for savings.

After setting up a free account with AskTrim and linking it to your other bank and credit accounts, you should be able to evaluate whether or not you will experience savings from using the service.

Pros and Cons:

Here are some Pros and Cons of AskTrim


  • Many services are offered at no charge.
  • It’s like having a conversation.
  • You’ll rarely pay for a service unless it saves you money.
  • AskTrim lets you save up to 40% on your internet and cable rates by negotiating with your providers.
  • AskTrim may identify subscriptions you aren’t using and cancel them, saving you from being charged on a recurrent basis.
  • Planning and budgeting are made easier with a financial dashboard.
  • Late penalties and overdraft fees might be notified to you in various ways.


  • For some individuals, linking their bank accounts could be a little awkward.
  • AskTrim costs you up to 15 percent of the yearly savings it will make on your behalf. 
  • There is no smartphone app. However, the website is optimized for use on mobile devices.

Final Review of AskTrim

In conclusion, whether you have recurring payments, undesired memberships, or out-of-control power bills, AskTrim helps you save money without forcing you to make and receive calls.

This service may help you save money by negotiating reduced interest rates on your credit cards. AskTrim is a recognized and safe option.

You can connect with the app through text messages or Facebook Messenger conversations, making it easy to use.

Best of all, there’s no cost to discover how much money you can save by trying AskTrim.

AskTrim is constantly looking for new ideas when it comes to saving money.


What cable and broadband providers does AskTrim deal with?

Even though AskTrim does not give a list of broadband providers with whom it negotiates, the company says it works with Comcast, Time Warner, Verizon, and the majority of other providers to effectively deal with reduced monthly costs and refunds for additional fees.

How much does AskTrim charge?

Free services like Trim are often available. You must make a payment only when a successful negotiation results in decreased premiums or bills. Trim imposes a 15% success fee in certain circumstances. Trim does not charge you unless and until it proves to be cost-effective for you. There are no additional fees, such as deleting unwanted subscriptions or lowering your credit card APR.

Is it possible to save money using AskTrim?

Trim’s negotiating team may try to save money on both one-time payments and ongoing monthly fees by linking your multiple service provider accounts. The AskTrim algorithm will discover and manage subscription expenses if you link your bank and credit card accounts. Successful talks usually result in savings on your statement within 1-2 billing cycles.

Is it available World Wide?

No, It is only available for people living in the United States.

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