PocketGuard Review for 2022: Is It Ideal Budgeting App for You?

Budgeting is an essential step if you want to keep a check on your expenditure or reach your financial objectives. To save money, it’s crucial to recognize where you’re wasting your money. Many budgeting applications and websites may help you build a budget, even if you prefer to do it yourself. Consider PocketGuard as an option.

Regarding free budgeting apps, PocketGuard is an excellent place to start. Let’s explore PocketGuard in further detail in today’s Review.

What is PocketGuard?

PocketGuard is a digital budgeting application that assists users in better keeping track of their expenditures and financial situations. 

With the assistance of Pocketguard, you can maintain control of your expenses while simultaneously fostering the expansion of your savings. The software allows users to manage their finances by putting away money for future investments and bills. 

Its straightforward, dynamic, and user-friendly design, which includes graphs and tabs, provides a holistic perspective of the expenditure trend across all segments. The reports may be customized and personalized by adding hashtags to each area. 

Users have the benefit of being able to examine all of their investment accounts at a single glance. It’s up to the consumer to set their future investment objectives, and Pocketguard will take care of the rest. By assisting consumers in making the most of their money, Pocketguard makes managing personal finances much more straightforward.

How to start using PocketGuard?

You may join up for PocketGuard by visiting their website or downloading their smartphone app, which is compatible with Android and iPhone. You will first be prompted to enter your email; after that, you will be required to create a unique password.

After signing up for an account, the next step is to link all your other financial statements, such as your checking, savings, and credit card accounts. Each time you add a new account to the app, you’ll be prompted for your username and password. This is standard practice for platforms and applications used by third parties for money management.

How does PocketGuard works?

There are five stages to the functioning of PocketGuard.

  • Keep an overview of the situation

All your financial accounts are linked to the app so that your whole economic life can be seen at a glance.

  • Be careful with your expenditures

Real-time updates and characterizations allow you to see exactly where your money is going and how you may save it if you like.

  • Know your spending limits

This is what PocketGuard means by ‚Äúpocket.” When you’ve paid all your expenses and saved some for the future, you’ll know the amount you left in your bank account.

  • Set your spending on autopilot

The software creates a customized budget for your monthly income, spending, and the objectives you have set for yourself.

  • Take advantage of easy ways to save money

You may save money by negotiating cheaper utility bills and discovering high-interest retirement savings with the help of this software.

PocketGuard provides users with two distinct options for service: a free version and a premium membership referred to as PocketGuard Plus.

Investing in budgeting software may seem like a waste of money initially, but if it performs well for you, the money spent might be worth it.

How much can you save using PocketGuard?

PocketGuard may save you hundreds of dollars a month, and the best thing is that they don’t charge you a service fee, making it an excellent budgeting tool.

Pros and Cons

Here are some Pros and Cons of PocketGuard


  • You don’t have to pay anything to use PocketGuard, but a paid version is available if you want or need extra services.
  • Your free money may be found in the In Your Pocket section. Keeping a budget is much simpler when you have the extra money in the bank.
  • You may use the Spending Caps feature to keep track of your spending, notifying you if you’re about to overspend.
  • Cash transactions may be tracked using PocketGuard Plus. Since most budgeting software monitors transactions via banks and credit unions, it’s a standout amongst the crowd.


  • Only in the case of more fundamental money issues
  • Inconsistencies with bank connections on the desktop
  • fewer features in the non-premium version

Final Review of PocketGuard

Personal budgeting may be made much easier with PocketGuard’s no-frills approach. When it comes to financial stability, most budgeting programs are focused on the long term. 

You may use these resources to manage your finances, improve your financial literacy, and accumulate wealth. To keep yourself on track financially, PocketGuard tells you how much cash you have left in your wallet after all of your bills and services have been paid.


What is PocketGuard’s price?

The base bundle of PocketGuard costs nothing. PocketGuard Plus, on the other hand, is a premium subscription that may be accessed through a recurring monthly fee or a one-time purchase. 

  • A monthly cost of $7.99 is charged.
  • $79.99 annually
  • To get lifelong access, you’ll have to spend $99.99.

What does PocketGuard do?

PocketGuard is an app for managing your personal finances. This software is a lifesaver for those who need it most when managing their finances.

Is PocketGuard a paid service?

A basic “freemium” approach is used by PocketGuard; however, the PocketGuard Plus framework includes access to additional features and customization options. A free monthly subscription to PocketGuard Plus may be earned by introducing friends to the mobile or desktop software.

Why should I use PocketGuard?

With its simple budgeting options, the PocketGuard budgeting software is the selection for the best app for those who overspend. PocketGuard stood out in Select’s comparison of more than a dozen applications because its budgeting tools make it easier to create (and keep to) financial objectives.

Is PocketGuard’s security enhanced by the usage of data encryption?

The 256-bit Encryption process used by PocketGuard is employed by numerous financial institutions. If the event that your phone gets into the incorrect hands, it is additionally protected by biometrics and a PIN.

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