Qmee review for 2022

How to earn money while doing paid surveys and surfing the web? We will try to answer that question in this Qmee review for 2022

Making money online is as simple as winking. If you ever want to earn additional income then continue with the Qmee review. You get rewarded with cash for carrying out notable tasks such as paid surveys, completing offers, surfing the net, or through a profitable referral program.  

Invariably, it helps give value for your time. Let’s continue with the Qmee review and hope it will help you to get a better understanding of this service

The Qmee Company

Since its existence in 2012, Qmee Ltd has allowed thousands or even millions to earn freely. The company has offices in London and New York. Qmee operates in Canada, the UK, the US, Australia, and France. They are planning to open new markets in the future. Qmee has more than 1M downloads in PlayStore (67.8K reviews) and a 4.3-star rating (size 24MB)

How to start using Qmee paid survey app and extension

  • Is Qmee available on mobile? – Yes, you can download it here PlayStore or AppStore 
  • Is Qmee available on the desktop? – Yes, you can download it HERE
  • Download and install the app on your mobile phone
  • Regsiter your account
  • Set up your account (payment details: PayPal, info)
  • Start doing surveys or just browse the internet

How you can start earning money with Qmee

Qmee helps advertisers reach their targeted visitors via its robust services.  Accessing the Qmee platform can be done through the aid of an extension browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera Mini, and many more. Similarly, the use of the Qmee application comes in handy with its advanced features making it one of the easiest apps in the market.

You can earn PayPal cash rewards, and get new and exclusive coupon deals by using Qmee on your browser (mobile too). For desktop, you need to install a browser extension (you can use Qmee on as many browsers as you want and you don’t need to create separate accounts for separate browsers). With Qmee you can earn simply by searching the web. No additional steps are needed. Of course, the Qmee app works only if you are signed up for the Qmee service.

Also, you can do additional paid surveys. You will be rewarded by answering questions about services, products, activities, and much more.

How much you can earn with Qmee (Earning potential with Qmee)

From our experience, we managed to earn $2.4 per 30 minutes for doing surveys. On average you probably can earn about $3-5 per hour.

Is Qmee worth trying – yes! It’s always better to earn some cash instead of just scrolling social media. Surveys and tasks can vary from $0.05 to $2 per paid survey depending on your search or task, irrespective of your preferred task there’s always money to earn. In addition, the payment structure on the app is highly commendable.

With this feature, you can withdraw your earnings to your PayPal account in seconds! It will interest you to know that there are no limitations to the amount you can withdraw. Amazing right? Navigating through the app is quite easy, with adequate landing pages you can confidently know where you are and how you got there.

We have checked the reviews of Qmee users online and earrings can really vary. Some users are earning $10 per week ($520 per year). Some users are earning $1 per day. So depending on your time and availability you can definitely make this app to pay for your mobile phone bills.

Can Qmee be trusted (Pros and Cons)


  • There’s no limit to the tasks you can earn from
  • The app is highly secured with advanced security measures that help prevent hackers
  • The referral program is organized and quite a generous one in a way that makes you earn more money. You will get at least 1$ for every invite.
  • Your earnings are automatically added to the dashboard.
  • No limitations to the amount you can withdraw
  • Instant Payouts


  • You can be denied access to some tasks
  • Low earnings
  • Not available worldwide


Qmee is a legit service to earn some extra cash but you will not become a millionaire by using this app. Is it worth it? Yes, the app is easy to use with a smooth interface and no limits for withdrawals. You can get even more info after you will register to the app HERE


What is Qmee?
Free app/platform where you can earn easy cash and get additional discounts and earn while browsing the internet

Can I use Qmee on mobile 

Where can I cashout with Qmee

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