Is Branded Surveys legit (2022 July edition)

Branded Surveys or Branded Research Inc. has been around since 2012. We are going to try to answer the question: is Branded Surveys legit?

Brande Surveys connect companies and people. The company that is launching a new product or doing market research contacts Branded Surveys.

Branded Surveys provide the survey to their users. Users are getting rewards, PayPal cash for answering surveys. So is Branded Surveys legit and can be trusted? If it is legit, then how to install and use it?

What is Branded Surveys

Branded Research Inc is a leading market research company in the B2B (Business to Business) sector. It was established in 2012 so it’s been around for a while. They are located in San Diego, California (The United States)

On Trustpilot, Branded Surveys has scored 4.4 stars. While checking the reviews, most reviewers comment on it as an “excellent” app. Users said they offer a variety of surveys to attempt an easy payout process. More than 24000 reviewers send their reviews about Branded survey credibility and mostly submit positive reviews.

How to install Branded Survey App?

Its app is compatible with all the devices; you can install it on computers and mobile phones.

How to install it on the computer?

  • Search for the Branded app on the Google
  • Click on the website link
  • Click on Branded Surveys 1.0.1 APKs Bundle
  • Wait until the download complete
  • Once downloaded, press “Install.”
  • Register to start your earnings.

How to install it on Mobile Phones?

  • Go to Playstore or AppStore
  • Search Branded Survey app
  • Select the APP
  • Press the “Install button
  • Wait until the installation is complete
  • Register with your email and start making money

How can you make money on Branded Surveys?

The major way to earn points on Branded survey app is through completing the surveys, but you have three other ways to earn points on this app.

  • Attend Daily polls on your profile. You can earn 5 points by attending one poll. You can attend one poll per day.
  • You have the option to earn extra points by participating in daily or weekly challenges. 
  • Earn 50 points by inviting your friend as a referral bonus.
  • Once you earn 500 points, choose how you want to cash out and collect your earnings! 
  • Every 500 points are equivalent to $5

How much you can earn with Branded Surveys and what are your earning possibilities

We have managed to earn $3.76 while using Branded Surveys for 25 minutes. Of course, everything depends on your location and profile. For one survey you can earn between $0.10 and $4 per survey. The longer the survey the higher possibility to be disqualified.

There is no specific time for the surveys, each survey has a different time for completion.

The average time for surveys can be 1 to 20 minutes. The shorter the survey – the lower commissions you will earn. With short surveys, the possibility of being disqualified is less common, so it’s up to you to decide what option you prefer.


  • The payout threshold is low
  • No joining fee
  • Multiple options to redeem the rewards
  • Good reputation
  • Branded Surveys signup bonus is $1
  • User friend interface
  • You can attend as many surveys as you want


  • Customer support is not satisfactory
  • You may not qualify for the most surveys if outside of Europe or the USA
  • You may face account deactivation without warning (this is why you need to be really genuine when filling your profile)


Branded Surveys is a legitimate and good app for people who have free time. On completion, you will get points. You can also earn points by attending polls and challenges and referring your friends. You can redeem cash through PayPal or Gift cards against those points when needed


When can I cash out on branded surveys?
You need to receive 500 points (5 USD)

Is branded surveys a legitimate company?
Yes, they have a good reputation

How do you get paid from a branded survey?
PayPal, Gift Cards

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