5 best side hustles in 2022

Here you will find our top 5 best side hustle jobs you can start doing today

Start A Blog

One of the best side gigs to work from home or anyplace else on the globe is blogging. You may do this while also developing your own personal brand. Even writing about your interests is an option. 

You can connect with readers who have the same interests as you by starting a blog in a niche that you understand. Some of the most popular categories for part-time blogging include yoga, business, cosmetics, and automobiles. 

Adding affiliate links to your posts or including a link to your online store where you sell dropshipped goods are two ways to monetize your blog.

How much can you earn by attempting a side business like this? Probably you will make $0 at the beginning. 

However, some bloggers who persevere over the first few years have earned enough money to give up their day job and devote their attention to it full-time.

Foof delivery 

Getting groceries or meals delivered to your door has never been simpler. There is an app for everything, from decreased trips to the store to dinner from your favorite restaurant.

In fact, sales of grocery delivery and pick-up services have increased as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.

The only negatives are that you can’t always do it (restaurants aren’t usually open at two in the morning), and you might earn less than with standard ridesharing. It’s still a fantastic way to make additional money, though!


There are a variety of online freelance income opportunities. You can earn money working as a freelancer online if you have these skills: reading, writing, programming, making videos, or being open to learning new ones. Even internet bookkeeping for other companies is an option!

Online virtual assistant services, online social media management, and online transcription work are a few professions that are simple to get started in. Just think of all the podcasts that require these services.

Get a Part-Time Job

Get part-time work if you’d prefer to exchange your time for money. Dog walking, babysitting, working as a server in a restaurant, working as a receptionist, an administrative assistant, or a barista are all examples of side jobs that pay well.

Additionally, you might look online for part-time work in your industry. Maybe you work as a marketer full-time and manage social media on the side. The requirement to devote your time in exchange for compensation is the only drawback of part-time work.

What kind of income can you expect from your part-time work? The majority of part-time positions pay at or around the minimum wage. But if you look around a little, you can locate a few higher-paying side jobs.

Part-Time Job Tip: Search online job boards to find part-time jobs you can work on the weekends and in the evenings. Remember: Choose part-time employment with a flexible schedule because you’ll probably feel fatigued and exhausted after working a full day. You might eventually burn out if you have to work a four-hour shift Monday through Friday following an eight-hour day.

Creating playlists

Every gathering requires a positive playlist. The business model is straightforward: Users will pay for access to carefully curated playlists, and artists who wish to promote their music will pay to have their songs included in playlists.

Independent bands may have their music discovered by Spotify playlists and YouTube content producers with the help of websites like PlaylistPush. For each track review, curators can make about $10


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