5 ways to invest $100 today

Invest in BTC or crypto

The value and appeal of the digital money known as bitcoin have increased over the past several years. To put it another way, if you had put $100 into Bitcoin in 2011, you would now be worth over $1 million!

Bitcoin is undoubtedly a riskier investment with historically high returns, and there is no assurance that it will expand at its current rate.

In the US, Coinbase is the most popular marketplace for buying and trading Bitcoin. Currently, Coinbase will offer you an additional $10 worth of Bitcoin for free if you invest $100 in Bitcoin using their service.

Invest in your own website or company.

The world’s wealthiest individuals are those who have founded their own businesses (or inherited money from those who have started their own businesses). If you want to accumulate a considerable amount of wealth but don’t anticipate receiving a sizable inheritance, you might want to think about starting your own business.

You can easily start a blog for less than $100, even if many business concepts cost more than that. Even though a lot of blogs don’t generate income, if you do your homework and are dedicated, it is feasible to make $10k to $100k or more per month with a blog.

Invest in Stocks 

Because you have to pay $5 to $10 for each trade, investing in stocks with merely $100 is typically not a good idea. This means that before you actually make a profit, your stock must increase in value by more than 20%!

The Robinhood app is to credit for this change.

You may purchase individual stocks using Robinhood, and it is completely free. This means that you won’t have to spend exorbitant trading costs if you want to invest that $100 in several businesses.

Robinhood makes it feasible to expand your $100 investment through stock trading.

Invest in P2P loans

Peer-to-peer lending (P2P) gives you as a borrower the opportunity to obtain financing directly from peer lenders as an alternative to banks. However, P2P lending platforms allow you the chance to finance a percentage of these loans as an investor.

Deposits made by investors when they open an account with a P2P platform are divided among multiple loans. In essence, you lend your money and receive interest in return.

P2P has the ability to generate a greater rate of return, even if each investor’s risk will vary based on the borrower. As an illustration, if your $100 investment is spread among four loans, you’ll not only diversify your risk but also benefit from larger ROI thanks to the four installment loans’ interest payments.

Invest in yourself

Without breaking the bank, you can increase your knowledge and sharpen your expertise in any given field. If you want to learn more about sales, marketing, project management, or how to handle your money more effectively, pick up a book, watch a video or online tutorial, or listen to a podcast that focuses on the subject. This is among the least expensive methods to invest in oneself. Additionally, using the library is free.

If you’re pressed for time, listen to the podcast or audiobook when it’s most convenient for you, such as when you’re waiting to board a plane or while you’re traveling to work.

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